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Well i just relised that i made all of 5 postings during last semester and only one over break...
*Bad Jason*
hmmmm well i guess it's time to remedy that.
Ok well last semester i started hanging out with some guys. Logan, Nick and Jim. We all had the same classes and we were cool to work with. Any how, we liked to play pranks and such on each other. ahh what fun! for the last 4 weeks of school the 4 of us were working on a final lab project in Electronics fabrication. we were working on a variable output wave generator, witch we had dubbed our "banana box". It was so named because it was a 2 inch by 2 inch by 2 inch cube.
That was panted yellow.
it was late in the afternoon and everyone was waiting for me to finish soldering up the last IC board. Jim, nick and logan went for drinks offering to bring me something.
What i had failed to relised was that nick haden't finished off his tube of supperglue. (this from the guy that glued Jim's mouse to the table)
so i get my Sobe. twist off the lid that was strangely stuck and took a swig.
i can honestly say that i thought that flaver was a bit off. about 5 seconds later i relised just what had happend. the hand that i removed the cap with was stuck to the desk and the best part is when i went to say something i found my lips glued shut!
We all got a laugh out of that. i had to cut my lips apart with a razer blade !-() no joke.

Ok peace
gota get to class
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January 29 2007, 21:24:24 UTC 11 years ago

Hahaha! Thanks for the anecdote, Jason. That sounds so painful....and like you have some great pals. Hope your semester is going well!
Jason! Thats a story that will give many much amusement! What a good one....