Jason aka:JKL (firepoimaster) wrote,
Jason aka:JKL

Snow balls

well i gota say, this semester is shaping out to be quite heavy. i even dropped my WoW subscription to have enough time. I'm not sure how long that will last, but in the meen time i can get some work done.
i only have 2 hard classes. Circuit Theory an physics. that isn't so bad, but when you add the 4 easy classes the time really builds up. between trig and literature and psychology and physical fitness is quite a lot of time.
On the up side i have really good professors. also i am learning and having fun in all of my classes.
yesterday i got the itch to do something. So i ran out side with just a t-shirt (and pants) and gloves. within 28 minutes i had 4 snowmen lining the walkway to the entrance of my dorm. since i had nothing for eyes or noeses, i killed all my men for the greater good of making a snow arch over the sidewalk. Well... lets just say that i failed. it went smooth, however its kinda hard to place a keystone as well as lower the side walls with only 2 hands. /sigh
it wasint all for naught. i did make a huge mess and a great heep of snow right in the way.
all things considered i think it was a great use of my time
Tags: snow
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