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second week of class

You have reached the end of week 2 please turn over the cassette now.

Well it has been a long one, but the weekend has arrived. I will now sit here as I contemplate exactly how much home work I can get accomplished with out me head exploding or my brain turning to jello...

Ok enough gory details. I really am enjoying the material. And I am learning quite mor the I ever thought possible in such a short amount of time!

My classes are as follows:

Freshman composition – Basically self explanatory. I write papers and read grammar and essay books.

Collage algebra – I think this also is pretty self explanatory.

Intro to Computer Hardware and Trouble Shooting – The main objective in this class is to get an A+ certification. That means that in this class I learn about computers; their hardware, software, operating systems and how to network them. This class (and lab) are fun and by the sounds of quite useful.

Seminar – This class is designed to help electrical & electro-mechanical engineers (like me) out. In this class we learn how to be a successful person that deals with electricity. (Yeah I still don’t know exactly what that is saposta mean ether...)

Electronic Fabrication - By far my favorite class. We get to do fun things like build circuits on bread boards and play with digital components thru the use of multi sim. The professor (Mr. Fransman) is really a stickler about home work and labs. If you are so much as 1 minute late to lecture you and your home work are late. Late homework dose not get handed in you get a zero.

Digital Logic – This class is really hard. In terms of home work it has been the easiest so far, but in order to under stand the material I have to read the chapter before it is cover in class. I have 75 pages to read out of this book (the thing ways 20 LBS!) just this weekend. In spite of the difficulty I am enjoying the material.

So that’s my class schedule. A full 16 credit hours and 21 actual hours in class.

Bah. I was hanging out with this kid today in his dorm, and my computer got all screwy. The wireless in all of the class building works different than the wireless in the dorms. I needed to sign on to a campus account thing an then it still wouldn’t let me join the net work! It bugs me cauls it appears to have followed me out of the dorm. I now have limited access to the internet that includes the entirety of the internet except my Live journal. How weird is that?

I gots to do some writhing of a different sort. I have 10 half page journal entries due next Friday. They need to be hand written, legible and I have only 1 done.

Time to sharpen my good old-fashioned writing implement.
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