Jason aka:JKL (firepoimaster) wrote,
Jason aka:JKL


As I sit here digging my way threw my home work, I occasionally sniff. The remnants of my gripping cold are finally starting to fade, and I am quite glad to see it go. The first week of class would surly have been hell had it not been for our resident herbalist in training.
Thankfully Kaitlin knows a tea that will help just about any thing (though most taste kinda bad)

I love my classes! I get to do stuff like playing around with resisters and ICs and diodes and LEDs and capacitors and switches and volt meters and transistors and all kinds of other good stuff!

I have yet to fix my car door. It won’t close so I have been driving around for the past 2 weeks with the door duck taped shut. The draw back to that it I can’t have any one in the passenger seat, and I cant roll up the window. (in the rain we have been having lately makes that fairly interesting) In other word I have been so busy I haven’t had time to get the car to a shop in 2 weeks! Its been inconvenient like a brick. Another car trouble I had last week was a slight ding I put on the car. Ok less slight and more like big dent. I side swiped a concrete pole at 35 MPH. It really wasn’t entirely my fault. But I wont go in to it here.

Any way I got to go eat so,
I will up date latter
Tags: car, herbs
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