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I just got in from my second Poi show in 3 days. The first one was on Wednesday and tonight was the second. I did the same thing for both events just to make it simple for me.
The show on Wednesday was for a pony club camp. It went off almost without a hitch. For song #3 I was going to do regular poi to Noonday Sun (Deep Forest), but I picked up my green poi, which were for my last song. I eventually got it straitened out but my finally of green flame was a bit early.
Tonight’s show was for a birthday/forth of July event. I got my routine off much better and had only 1 problem(when I was switching to fire poi gear the electricity went out).

Now I shall hit the sack for I am quite ready for bed
(\_/) zzzzzzzz
( > < )

Oh and I some how managed to bark up my shin by crashing in to a telephone pole wile on a zip-line.
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