Jason aka:JKL (firepoimaster) wrote,
Jason aka:JKL

Where is the...

Ho Hum. First day of classes. Time to put my nose back on the grinding wheal and scrape all the cobwebs ( and icecream for that matter) out of my noggin. A bright nwe semester is appon us.

To start off my semester im in a new room with a new set of sweet mates! I moved my residence from my my campus' most oldest and confusingist building to an even more convoluted backward wing of the same building. Fun. I do like my new location better, but its taking some time to adjust.

My room mate has'nt changed that much since i knew himm in third + forth grade. Interesting kid. Though he still laughs when some one sais "duty" i think we should get along just fine (I hope)

On a greener note' I believe Leah's anti-tray in the school cafeteria is catching on. We no longer have trays in our cafeteria. Hehe its funny to watch people trying to juggle their plates and drinks only to reilise that... Gasp!... they might have to take multiple trips!

Speaking of funny, its fall and my campus is swarming with freshmen! Bumbling around in the wrong buildings, confused with their swipe cards and locking themselves out of their dorms. I'v already had to point a few lost souls in the right direction in my building.
Tags: school
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