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A slate wiped clean

Another week has come and gone. Its white outside from the nightly quarter inch dustings Alfred has been getting. It’s also quite cold out, but that’s due to a rater different phenomena.

Two solitary strings of text; two lines of code standing there mocking my desire to post an entry but not have to write it.

w/e The day I can think words to my screen will indeed be a scary one. The penultimate level of laziness will be obtained.

Ok, um … in other news…
I’m building an autonomous robot for my embedded controllers class. It will follow the left hand wall and avoid stuff put in its path. And by will I mean that it’s not done yet. The hardware is done, but the software isn’t. Not exactly earth shattering, but it’s a cool little robot none the less.

In other other news, I was board. Yep it happened. See in physics this past 2 weeks I’m learning a dumb down version of basic circuits. Stuff like resistance in series and parallel, resistivity of wire and Ohm’s law. It’s all stuff I have been using daily these past 3 semesters. I would have fallen asleep completely if I hadn’t been aroused from my stupor by the funniest explanation of joule heat ever (why electric stuff gets hot when you use it).

“It’s like Superman running blindfolded through a forest of indestructible trees”
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