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The messier your hair, the more likely you are to save the world.

"I didn't lose my mind, I sold it on ebay."

Jason aka:JKL
22 March 1987
I am… What am I? I am not my hand nor my heart, head, eye or my mind. Nor am I the sum of my body. After all I control my body, and my mind. I am influenced by my ego and use my intelligent to make decisions, but what am I? Perhaps I should say; The life I use my body to live. Or maybe I could say the life I lead.

However it should be said (and on a less philosophical look) Half of my family comes form Puerto Rico. The other half is a mish mach of Scottish, British and American (emphasis on the American). And even though I should know Spanish like my first langue I don’t; my biological parents split up when I was -3 months old. It’s hard to pick up a langue in visits that are spilt up like once every 3 months. I have never been to Puerto Rico. I live with my mom, step dad and 1 of my 6 other siblings, only 4 of witch are biologically related to me. I am #4 of 7 and the last Laracuente in this house of voiths. We currently have 6 cows (1 cow and all her babies: 2 oxen, 2 heifers and a freemartin to be technical) and a goat and have been persecuted because of such said animals. I live in Angelica NY and have been a good friend of Avi since I moved here 6 years ago from Ithaca. My hobbies are many and my room suffers accordingly (I am pretty sure that the floor is reddish-brown;-). I like to make people laugh.